Monday, January 25, 2010

Global Sugar Art Haul...

Well this is my latest HAUL (order) and I am so excited!!! here are the pics of what I got... can't wait to use it all lol....
Here is the video:

I already started using the mat and I must say.... well worth it....

Tmo will be using the cutters to make some gumpaste daisies.... Ready?


Newest Haul!!!!

I posted this one as a video... but if you want to have the pics, I will gladly add them like before... :-)

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mon Projet de Gâteau â Venir

Mon Inspiration

Mon Projet de Gâteau â Venir

It means.. My upcoming Cake Project in French!

Today is Sunday and for the past 3 days I have been having a very very bad toothache... waiting for tomorrow to call the Dentist for an appointment. But for now i have been taking some aspirin and using ice packs to try to control it... haven't slept all night.

Even though I am in pain as the good ol' saying goes... "Le show must go on".
I have an upcoming project for a French themed Birthday cake and I will start working on sample work for this today. My inspiration is from Peggy Porschen, she has a beautiful cake but I will make the tower 3D instead of doing a plaque of it... It's all pink and black with some white in it, but not much... looking forward to this great project!

I will be making some pastillage (I make all my working supplies/mediums from scratch!)to make the parts for "La Tour Eiffel" I have the template already for it... when it dries then I can pipe the details with royal icing. Then with some royal icing (medium to thin consistency) I will pipe some cute "FranÇais Caniches".

Of course I will post some progress pics for your "Plaisir".

Happy Sunday to all.


Monday, Jan 25th 2010.

Well here is the scoop.... last night I did a batch of the royal icing to start the outline for the french poodles.... of course me thinking I am sooooo good that I don't need to measure water to get the consistency that I need.. I added toooooo much water... but I still thought it would work... so I took some and colored it gray, some black, some pink and some claret (dark pink), I got my bags ready and all set up for piping first thing this morning.


Tue. Jan 27th 2010

So, I wake up this morning... all excited and ready! I get my tray, tape my template, overlap my wax paper and start piping.... well... let's NOT call it piping lol... it was like thick juice was coming out! I was livid! BUT I said to myself.... you can either get mad, grumpy and upset (which won't solve ANYTHING)

you can just happily start another royal icing batch and DO IT RIGHT!
So that's what I did... I did another batch.... measuring everything and it worked fine... as a matter of fact it was even better because I was able to try a new method I just learned from on how to load your icing bags with the cling wrap method... here is the link... it is THA BEST!

So I color all my batches and got them ready...
here is the before (left) and after (right)....

Now... I will start piping my templates... wish me luck.... and I will let u know how it all goes.... it's a rainy day today... feels very peaceful here... I like that a lot!

Talk to ya' in a bit.....


Hi Again....UPDATE!

Just finished doing the outlines and some of the piping on top.... now on to fill the inside.... I hope it comes out ok.... I am not too good with royal icing... I am better with gumpaste and fondant.... we will see soon!

Well.... maybe I can make them out of gumpaste...humm... lol
I am not liking the results so far... but then again... I am not done... as soon as the finished product is done I will see...
Thing is... I will not give anything that I wouldn't consider THE BEST! so we will have to see...
Maybe I should start coloring the gumpaste just in case... nahhh that means that I am sure it will fail... gotta have some trust in my talents lol


It's 01/25/2010 @ 11:06 pm

Ok so I will post the finish product pics tmo morning.... but I think I am going to try to do them out of fondant... not too pleased with the texture of them... and hubby says the poodles noses look like it's been doing some illegal stuff for a while and it's all discombobulated lol....

I took a break for the rest of today... have been working on this all day long... watched some tv (Thank You DVR!) lol

I record all Food Network Challenges... even if I have seen them before... I can watch them forever! lol... and Amazing Wedding Cakes too love both shows....

Good night for now... thanks for letting me share with you....


Wed. January 27th 2010

Hi and Hello my fellow friends....

Well here is where we are at with our project so far... I finished my royal icing decals.... they are okay... really..( I will post pics) BUT they are not as great as I know I can make them... so I went ahead and started making the poodles out of fodant today... and I am only on my first part of the gray and black one and I must say.... it's looking so much better already... I am excited! I can't wait for this part to dry in order to complete the other part....

To color was easy because I added a tiny bit of black fondant to white and got the color right away... now for the claret? (fushia) that's when I know it might take lnger because I have to use gel for it (unless I airbrush the color...humm?) actually I mixed red fondant with whitw fondant and got the color right...will see what works best.... tonite is baking time... will be baking a 4 inch high 12' square, a 4 inch high 10' square and a 4 inch high 8' square... needs to feed a lot of people.

I will also make the cake board out of fodant today to give it plenty time to dry... well that's it for now... talk to ya soon... will be addig pics in the next couple of hours...


Thursday, January 28th 2010

Well I never came back last nite lol... I was knocked out... anyways... here is the latest news on the french project...

I decided to do the poodles in fondant... they are coming along so much better as I said before.... now I am about to start putting them together.... this morning I had to go shopping for some stuff for the house and for this project.... after that I remembered that I needed to do the fondant drum ASAP! cause it needs lots of time to dry.... so I went ahead and did that already... when it's done I will post pics....

Also, I started assembling the Eiffel Tower... all the pastillage pieces are nice and dry now I am putting it together with royal icing as glue... will post pics too.. after the tower then I will do the poodles and then.... to make icing... and bake!!! YuMMy!!! the pics above are of the poodles in royal icing and the part in fondant drying already... talk to ya soon!

Friday, Jan. 29th 2010

Well... this morning I woke up early to start making buttercream... well my toothache came back... this time 100X worst than before... I was stting on the steps crying.... really sobbing in pain.... so I called my regular dentist and her team wasn't very sympathetic or helpful at all... so I yahoo'ed a dentist close to home... and found one.... He was closed today... but when I explained my situation he was kind enough to open just to take care of me... that has been the bestest experience I had with a dentist... he looked at my problem... drilled in and put some numbing medicine that will hold me over until I can finish this project (I told him all about it) and then early next week he will fix the problem.... That WILL BE my new denstit from now on.... he treated me like a person not a member# from and insurance... I will post his info in case you need a dentist... I highly recommend him.... now I am... NUMB! can't feel half of my lip and PIAN FREE!!!! no pain pills req... he gave me some antibiotics for the infection and made me feel like I was important.... Thank God for leading me to him..... anyways....

All cakes are baked! now on to making YummY buttercream.... a lot! then on to fill and frost the cakes.... then... cover in FoNdAnT... then STAACK!!!!! and the best DeCoRaTe! will post pics!!!!
Love ya guys....

My friends it is Saturday, January 30th, 2010....
BTW: this cake is due in 13 Hours!!!!!
Well.. I did 24 cups of icing... that should have been more than enough for filling and icing a 12", 10" & 8" square cake....
My partner gets home... of course he always helps me... and for that I LOVE HIM MORE! cause he works all day and comes home and always asks what needs to be done so he can help.... so he decides to fill the cakes 3x! instead oif taking the two cakes... filling in the middle and on to crumb coating... he takes each square... torts it... and fills it... so each square cake has 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of icing.... so of course what does that mean? NOT ENOUGH ICING! so he (all the while I am putting the Eiffel Tower together and airbrushing it... (I got upset cause I wanted just filling in the middle... sat down for a bit being angry AND I FELL ASLEEP!!!! gggrrr when I woke up... I found him making icing... I'm like why??? and he explained it all... so he made two 9 cup batches... that makes it 42 cups!! so....
I stopped on the Tower... and start dirty icing... with a new tecnique.... and as I start icing the first tier... I got overwhelmed and started to cry... but.... I prayede to God... and started doing it... and it came out pretty easy and quick (so I thought...quick...) look at the time lol 4 AM!....
I already frosted the 8" and the 12"... now on to the 10".... will get back to you soon... I am not as tired as I thought I would be... good!
Sat. Jan. 30th @ 10:13 am
Well... morning morning morning... hehehe... slept 4 hours! but I feel okay thanks to Our Lord.... I started right away.. already fondanted the 12" tier.... pretty easy.... thought would be hard to do in a large square cake... but not too hard.... now on to the 8"... That Ateco mat is wonderful! makes it easy.. now some people I see that they ROLL the fondant with the rolling pin... others... I see they PUSH the fondant with the rolling pin.... I usually roll it... tried some pushing.... it works too...
Its.... 12:08 PM.... ALL CAKES ARE FONDANTED!!! yeahhhh looks great.. you'll see... now I clean up my work table ( I can't work on a messy surface...)
Now I will use my black royal icing and my gray one top add the details to the tower... then I just remembered I need to write... Bon Anniversaire Kristie...(Happy B-Day in French!)
that shouldn't be that bad lol... well I will start adding the decorations... the bow... then he poodles.... then the Eiffel Tower... I will put that on the cake at the venue.... all I need is for it to fall and break while we drive it there! lol
I was mean with hubby last nite... I apologized to him and wrote him a thank you note... for all his help! I ADORE MI AMORE!
Well.... talk to you in a bit lol....
1:09 PM re-did all my royal icing batches... (needed some more) now on to add details!!!!
SATURDAY, JANUARY 30th, 2010 @ 5:09 PM.... CAKE IS FINISHED!!!! (it's due @ 6:30 pm)
I will never cut a timeline this short ever again! my back is killing me and I feel like going to bed for 30 years lol....


The Eiffel Tower from start to finish

The French Cake, from assembly all the way to DUN!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello again my fellow cake lovers…
I am so so so sorry that it took me this long to update… but I was drained!!! I pulled an all night-er the day of the event and I took two days to recover lol…. Well there were other things that happened like my denstist fiasco… then my anemia started to act up so I need an infusion and will need a few more but on the the good stuff, here is the scoop….

As I said before the cake was officially finished at 5:09 PM…. And it was due no later than 6:30 PM! So we get in the shower and get ready because we were also guests at the event. So when we are getting ready to leave.. I pack my tool box and my cake knives and just glanced outside… guess what?!?! IT WAS SNOWING!!! I had no idea… I was so busy all day that I didn’t even look out the window… But anyways… hubby puts the cake in the truck (he says it weights easily 75 lbs!). We leave the house to drop off my baby girl at my mother in law’s house so she could watch her for us. But because it took longer to get there due to the road conditions.. I got dropped off at the event while my hubby took the baby over to grandma’s. So we “hide” the cake in the kitchen because the cake was going to be a surprise… so I went ahead and placed the topper (we took the Eiffel tower in a separate board to make sure it wouldn’t fall/brake). Then I took out my royal icing and started to remove any picks that we use to support details while they dry on the cake… I also added some piping details and just looked it over to make sure everything was good.
But let me just tell you about this great event. We get there and they had decorated that place to look incredible… I mean… there were tiny lights all over the place… Big Eiffel Towers… A DJ!… the tables looked incredible. Sara Lambert and Kristie’s mom were the ones that pretty much organized the whole event, but a lot of people helped to put it all together and I must say that they did an amazing job… It looked FRENCH! Romantic! Elegant! I mean the went all out for her. This will most probably be Kristie’s last birthday in the USA… Her hubby Bill, Kristie and their adorable children are leaving to North Paris mid-year as missionaries. This is something that Our Lord God has put in their hearts and they are working very hard to gain spiritual and monetary support for this incredible venture that they are about to embark on. So Bill wanted to make this a birthday to remember… They were expecting over 100 people there (due to weather conditions, some were not able to make it). They made all these different French desserts… and her mom (which I fell in love with! She is such a beautiful person, I know I just met her but I felt her goodness immediately!) and her Dad (He is the Pastor in the Church where the event took place, Wyoming Baptist Church) they were both dress French like with the scarves and French hats. Everybody looked beautiful there, there was a photographer.. A videographer.. I mean… ALL OUT!! Bill also did a video about Kristie that just brought tears to my eyes because it was just so real… so loving… Then people started coming to the stage to share all these great stories about Kristie… Bill said that he’s objective was to let Kristie know how much she is loved by everyone that knows her and he surely accomplished that because everyone there was just glowing, just so happy to be there. It was a bitter sweet event because we do not want to stop sharing with them, but as her father said… IF that’s what God has called for them to do… then he will happily accept this move.
Well they started singing “Happy Birthday” to her and that was our queue to roll in the cake to the middle of the floor (where they had an “exclusive” table). Everyone was so impressed and everyone loved how good the cake looked.. It matched the theme perfectly and her face was just gleaming when she saw it… Everybody took picture of her and Bill with the cake.
We then took the cake to the serving table where we disassembled the cake and started cutting it, not ‘cause I made it lol but those slices of cake looked perfect! Everyone raved about how good the cake tested and we got two potential clients that same night, not to mentioned everyone that took our business card with them.
Once we finished cutting the cake… we sat down and started to enjoy the festivities… then something happened….
YES… something happened…
This “something” has NOT happened in YEARS! (won’t say how many…lol)
They were playing some good good good goooooood music… and we started to dance!!! YES DANCE!! I wanted to dance ALL NIGHT… lol but I was so tired that I didn’t last that long hehehe
I can’t remember the last time we danced in a party lol.. It felt sooooo good I loved the time we shared with Bill, Kristie and all her family and friends…
Well I must say that this one will go down in history as one of my fondest cake orders aside from our own wedding cake order lol.
Here are some pictures as promised… The Eiffel Tower from start to finished and the cake assembly all the way to DUN!
I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did.
On to our next project…
Love, Dalis DeLeon

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Shower - Footprints

Thursday, January 14th 2010. 1:00 am

Well it's mid-week and we are making a lot of good progress on this special cake... it's for a new client that I have. Her daughter's shower is next week and they both came to the consult, very nice people, the mom was very happy about making sure her daughter was happy with everything and they both decided on this beautiful design. They did not want to use either all blue or all pink because she wants it to be a surprise. They also got some nice footprint cookies to border the cakes and when we did the sample design... it was so cute... it's an extra added detail that will definitely enhance the overall look of the cake.

We started working on the cake topper and at first I was somewhat intimidated by it because it’s been a while since I worked with color flow, it’s sort of like royal icing but it dries nice and shiny. But after I started doing some sample work… I felt so good about it, it’s like riding a bike, you don’t even realize how good you know the process until you are actually doing it…. It’s drying now and as you can looks great!

Tomorrow I will decorate the cookies and make the cake drum…. My hubby came up with a great idea for the drum… once we complete it I will post the pics here…. Well maybe I will not be able to wait and then start posting progress pics hehe..

After this project is completed I will do a video or picture tutorial on color flow and post it here so you can see what nice results you can get…

I have a wedding consult coming up, a Eiffel Tower themed Birthday cake due, and a adult birthday cake… then my hubby’s birthday is coming up and my baby girl will be turning 4! So I will be making her cake too… don’t worry I will keep updating you guys on how everything is coming along.

Take care, God Bless and keep coming!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010 11:00 am

Good Morning my friends….

I thank God for another day of health and inspiration… I woke up nice and early this morning because I am looking forward to decorating the cookies for the upcoming baby shower. I just finished outlining them and now just waiting for them to dry so I can flood them… They look so good! Here are some pics for you to see. I will continue to give you progress reports throughout the day.

Hope you are having a Super Fantastic day!!


Friday, January 15th 2010

Hi Again Everyone!!
Well.... it's FINITO! FINISHED! very excited... very happy with the end result. This project was for sure a lot of fun to complete. I love how all the cookies are bordering the cake around the drum... it gives it a very cute festive look.
We started working on this project at the beginning of the week and we timed everything really good... we did not have to rush for any last minute things or did not have to spent sleepless nights either...
I can't wait to deliver the cake tomorrow to the venue and see the reaction when they see it... I know they are going to love how cute it looks.....
Well this is the end of another rewarding project... now on Monday we start our next one which I of course will keep you all updated on... I hope you all enjoy watching the progress and end result of this project as much as we enjoyed getting it all together...
Thanks for your interest... C YA SOOONN!!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tiffany Cake

We worked on a beautiful Tiffany Box cake for an engagement party in early January. It was a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream. The cake was covered in vanilla fondant and accented with white chocolate fondant ribbon. The theme was "Tiffany & Co. So we had to make sure we had the "RIGHT TIFFANY BLUE" because a lot of times cake designers are not able to duplicate the right tiffany blue color and it appears sorta greenish or aqua.... but we got it right and it matched all the decorations they had at the event.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Natalie Cakes

Welcome to Natalie Cakes.... The Blog!

In here, we will be sharing our adventures with you and posting progress pictures and other fun stuff. I will start adding a progress diary, tutorials, demos, links and other things that can be useful and entertaining to you.

In the new year we have started with a very busy month, we are almost all booked up for Jan 2010 and that's good!

Now we have a baby shower coming up and I will be posting our progress over the this week...


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Recent Orders from Natalie Cakes
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