Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Shower - Footprints

Thursday, January 14th 2010. 1:00 am

Well it's mid-week and we are making a lot of good progress on this special cake... it's for a new client that I have. Her daughter's shower is next week and they both came to the consult, very nice people, the mom was very happy about making sure her daughter was happy with everything and they both decided on this beautiful design. They did not want to use either all blue or all pink because she wants it to be a surprise. They also got some nice footprint cookies to border the cakes and when we did the sample design... it was so cute... it's an extra added detail that will definitely enhance the overall look of the cake.

We started working on the cake topper and at first I was somewhat intimidated by it because it’s been a while since I worked with color flow, it’s sort of like royal icing but it dries nice and shiny. But after I started doing some sample work… I felt so good about it, it’s like riding a bike, you don’t even realize how good you know the process until you are actually doing it…. It’s drying now and as you can looks great!

Tomorrow I will decorate the cookies and make the cake drum…. My hubby came up with a great idea for the drum… once we complete it I will post the pics here…. Well maybe I will not be able to wait and then start posting progress pics hehe..

After this project is completed I will do a video or picture tutorial on color flow and post it here so you can see what nice results you can get…

I have a wedding consult coming up, a Eiffel Tower themed Birthday cake due, and a adult birthday cake… then my hubby’s birthday is coming up and my baby girl will be turning 4! So I will be making her cake too… don’t worry I will keep updating you guys on how everything is coming along.

Take care, God Bless and keep coming!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010 11:00 am

Good Morning my friends….

I thank God for another day of health and inspiration… I woke up nice and early this morning because I am looking forward to decorating the cookies for the upcoming baby shower. I just finished outlining them and now just waiting for them to dry so I can flood them… They look so good! Here are some pics for you to see. I will continue to give you progress reports throughout the day.

Hope you are having a Super Fantastic day!!


Friday, January 15th 2010

Hi Again Everyone!!
Well.... it's FINITO! FINISHED! very excited... very happy with the end result. This project was for sure a lot of fun to complete. I love how all the cookies are bordering the cake around the drum... it gives it a very cute festive look.
We started working on this project at the beginning of the week and we timed everything really good... we did not have to rush for any last minute things or did not have to spent sleepless nights either...
I can't wait to deliver the cake tomorrow to the venue and see the reaction when they see it... I know they are going to love how cute it looks.....
Well this is the end of another rewarding project... now on Monday we start our next one which I of course will keep you all updated on... I hope you all enjoy watching the progress and end result of this project as much as we enjoyed getting it all together...
Thanks for your interest... C YA SOOONN!!

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