Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's been a long long time... Time to get back in the saddle and gallop my way into the blogster world...AGAIN!

Hi my Peepz!

I know I have been here in what seems like forever and I have no excuse other than the cakes are more and more frequently, have been sick with anemia and it's gotten worst in the past few months, home-schooling my little girl... you get my drift... well I will start again for a few reasons:

  1. I miss typing lol

  2. I want to share/vent my eventful / uneventful life

  3. I like to share my cakes trajectory from start to finish

these are among many.

Well here we go.. lemme see where I left off and let's see if I can update most of the cakes that are not here, I know for a fact that quite a few of them I no longer have the pictures because this is a new computer and I lost all my old files... (I learned my lesson though... Picasa web albums from now on).

On your marks.... Get Set... GOOOOOOOOOO

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Recent Orders from Natalie Cakes
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