Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

Well Hello Again my dear friends....

Here we are Feb 6th 2010 and those pictures? that's the view all around Philadelphia! that round thing on the right that looks like I cake... that's our patio set table!!!! so much snow! last time I checked the news.... PA had been declared in a state of emergency, no church tmo... 19-20 inches... with lots more to come.... it's so nice and fluffy and white... but so dangerous at the same time... I felt so bad for DH... thought he would have to work in this weather, but when he got to work, they were adviced they would NOT have to go out on the road... so TG for that...

Hoping our next door friends are as nice as they have been before and use their snow blower to clean our driveway and the front of our house with the nice high powered snow-blower they have.... might be wishful thinking but hey u never know.... lol.
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